Fire Emblem Echoes

Available 5/19/17

The Surge

Available 5/16/17

More than just a video game retailer


Got some quarters that are burning a hole in your pocket? The Mall of Louisiana store has an arcade with a variety of games from Tokyo Drift to Dance Dance Revolution 




We repair Consoles


Have a disc that wont play? Bring it to us and we'll get it cleaned up.

How about a system that's seen better days? Bring it in and we'll see if we can get it up and running again           

Injustice 2

Available 5/16/17


Want to know whats out?

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Disgaea 5

Available 5/23/17

Locally owned and Operated 


We are Baton Rouge's only locally owned and operated video game store. Stop on by and see why that makes us the best!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe



  owned &


Pokemon Sun and Moon

Booster Packs $2.99

Flatout 4


Tekken 7

Available 6/2/17